Friday, September 11, 2009

The Land of the Morning Calm

Well, here I am in Korea. Seems so surreal that I am serving as a Chaplain with the US Army on the same peninsula where my father and uncle both shed blood while in the Army some 50 years ago. The Land of the Morning Calm was not so calm back then. However, today it is much different than it was back then. In fact the Korea that most of you see on CNN and Fox New and what I see when I step outside each morning for my PT run is diametrically different. The cities are very crowded and very busy, but less than a 20 minute drive and you are in a mountains setting that almost makes me feel as though I’m back in Appalachian Country. Fall is upon us here and the leaves are beginning to chance already and everything is so beautiful.

The chapel services on Camp Walker and Camp Carroll are very good services and there are three different church of Christ chapel services on the Army and Air Force bases on this small peninsula. I have become involved in a chapel service called The R.O.C.K (Rely on Christ in Korea). It is a Contemporary Service and has a lot of young families and children in attendance here on Camp Walker. There are several over ROCK services meeting through out the other camps/bases. Please keep all these services in your prayers and keep my ministry of bring Soldiers to God and bring God to Soldiers here in Korea.

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  1. Wow sounds awesome! Always praying and supporting you.