Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finally Home

I had my first "full day" back at work yesterday. It took me most of the morning just getting caught up on emails and returning phone calls. My assistant and I are preparing for a marriage seminar taking place next week at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX. That will be 30 April - 2 May and then 3 - 7 May we will be at an annual UMT (Unit Ministry Team) training Fort Worth, TX. That means I pack my bags on Wednesday next week and I won't be back until the follow Thursday. I realized that I have become accustomed to living out of a bag and that troubles me. However, I also realize that I am doing the Lord's work here and that comforts me.

It was so nice to spend a week back "home" and I have always considered Ohio "home" (and to some degree I always will) but I discovered that "home" means being with my Sammi (my wife Christine) the Gabe-Man (my son Gabriel) and Gilli-Gracie (my daughter Gillian). This is good news to me. I know that with the path of ministry God has placed before me in the Army, I will be traveling and moving often and living in different homes, states and even countries. But home will mean I am with those whom I love the most and who love me the most. What a blessing! Lord willing my family will be with me next month here at Fort Hood, TX and this fall it is looking very possible that I will be taking them with me to Korea. What an adventure God has placed before us and what an amazing ministry! I love our Soldiers and I love the ministry opportunities that God has placed before me.

Mercy Me has a newer song that is popular on Christian Radio now, "Finally Home." What a beautiful song, but it is a tear jerker. Then someone on YouTube placed a video of Military Home Coming ceremonies with the song and that made me cry even more. There is nothing more honest, nothing more sincere and nothing more heart-moving than the hugs and kisses of a reunited family after a long deployment.

The Scriptures teach clearly that someday we who are in Christ will have a homecoming with our Heavenly Father on the other side of eternity. What a day that will be! When we will finally be with our Heavenly Father; when we will finally be with our loved ones; when we will finally unpack our bags for the last time; when we finally make it home. cd


  1. Hi Chad - glad to hear you've decided to start this blog up. I followed the link to mine here, and am a big fan of our soliders.

    My nephew is in the Marine Corps and spent some time in Iraq, and my father was in the service for eight years of his life when he was a young man. I tried to join myself, but high blood pressure kept me out.

    Anyway, I'm sure you have some interesting stories to tell working so closely with soliders. I'll be adding this blog to the list of those I read.

    Blessings to you,

  2. Thanx Wes. I am enjoying your blog. I saw you on Patrick's blog. I work with/under Patrick a long time ago (or at least it seems)when I was still and undergrad student.